He began to eat, then looked at her. Seeing if she was okay, she looked a bit flushed. “Are you sure you’re okay?….” Liam took another bite of his food. “I can leave…if you want me to.”

When he offered to leave, Hazel looked up and shook her head. “N-no!” She smiled slightly. “I w-want you to st-stay, I just…y-you make me n-nervous, that’s a-all…” She laughed sheepishly, looking down at her lap as she pushed her hair behind her ears.


"Thanks." He smiled as the food was served onto his plate. Quickly he gave her a kiss on the cheek then sat himself down at the table.

"You’re welcome." She smiled back at him. Feeling his lips against her cheek, her face flushed a bright pink again. She had to take a moment to calm herself and try to slow her rapid heartbeat before she joined him silently at the table.


"You’re visible…" He gave a smile, happy that she didn’t go completely invisible. "Cool?…" Liam found a couple plates and set them on the counter by the stove. Nodding, he gave her an agreement that the food is at good taste.


"Y-yeah, uh…cool. Well…I-I don’t know. I j-just didn’t really know wh-what to say, I g-guess. I mean…n-no one’s ever s-said that to me b-before, so." She let out a nervous sigh, tucking her hair behind her ears. Smiling as he got the plates out, she began to serve what she’d been cooking.


"u-uh…Hazel….you’re going invisible, please don’t." He gently grabbed her hand. "It was just a thank you for dinner, and I like you" Slowly he took the stencil and took a taste of the food, "Wow…this is really good…"

"I-I am?" She quickly looked down at herself, panic and embarrassment starting to settle in. "O-oh gosh, I’m s-sorry, I—" She stopped talking when she felt his hand slip around hers. Though her face flushed even more and her heart started to pound it her chest, the contact was comforting and she found herself turning completely visible again. "Y-you do?" She couldn’t help the smile that grew on her face. "I-I mean…y-yeah, uh…cool." She tried her best to mask her nervousness, but she wasn’t doing a very good job. When he tried her food though, a look of excitement crossed her features. "You th-think so?" She beamed. "Thank y-you. It’s a-almost ready, s-so…"


""There’s cupcakes for desert tonight, you didn’t heard it from me."


O-oh…don’t w-worry! My l-lips are s-seals!


If you push me, there’s a good chance I’ll kill you.


Wh-why would I d-do that?


Well only if you had science and math classes.


O-oh. Is th-that what you t-teach?



You really went to sleep early, huh? Not good at all? That’s awesome! I wish I could nap that much. Why’s it not good to you, though?

N-no, I mean…I d-don’t think it’s h-healthy, is it?